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Into The Fray: A Medical Practice Manager Shops for Health Insurance

Purchasing Individual Health InsuranceI have been on the management side of the healthcare industry for more than twenty-five years, so I know how heath insurance works and how it is sold. Many times in my career I have been the administrator entrusted with evaluating health insurance for the entire practice. So when my husband and I recently found ourselves in the market for coverage I was confident about navigating the market, even though this would be the first time we had ever funded our own premiums 100%. The process was pretty eye-opening.


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Start PQRS Now! It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Getting Started with PQRSNOTE: CMS has just added additional presentations of the webinar below – please check the end of the article for added dates. MPW

What is PQRS?


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Register Now for “Starting a Credit Card on File Program in Your Practice – May, 2013”

Register Now!

Our next Credit Card on File Webinar will be Thursday, May 9th at 1 p.m. EST. If you want to improve your practice’s cash flow in just one hour, sign up now as seats are going fast!

We’ve had such a great response to our Credit Card on File Webinars that we are running another session. We hope you will join us! Click here to register!

How to Cut Your Medical Practice’s A/R and Collection Costs in Just 60 Minutes.


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Join Us for a Free Webinar on Leveraging your EHR for Fraud Prevention

Thanks to HelloHealth for sponsoring

“Adding to Your Compliance Toolbelt: Fraud Prevention in Your EHR/Clinical Documentation”

Adding to Your Compliance Toolbelt

Recent changes to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have brought stiffer penalties for fraud prevention, with new levels of enforcement among smaller and independent medical practices.  Electronic medical record users should be aware of issues that pertain to electronic documentation compliance, including patient identification and demographic accuracy; and documentation, auditing and authorship integrity. This webinar reviews these and other concepts, including:  (more…)

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Everyone Is Essential: Guest Author Bob Cooper

Obama Fist Bump with JanitorSome organizations will use the terms essential and non-essential workers as a way to distinguish between who needs to be on site in the event of an emergency, and who does not. I do understand the purpose of this distinction, however, it’s very important that businesses not give the impression that some employees are more important or valuable than others. (more…)

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Are Your Physicians Crying About Your EMR?

A new report suggests that 2013 may be the year of the great electronic medical records (EMR) vendor switch given that many EMRs are falling short of providers’ expectations.Crying About An Underperforming EMR

To come to that conclusion, Black Book Rankings polled roughly 17,000 active EMR adopters – and found that as many as 17 percent may switch out their first-choice EHR by the end of the year.

The reason: In light of Stage 2, provider demands are increasing, and EMR users are reporting that many EMRs aren’t living up to expectations. In fact, those polled cited numerous cases of software firms underperforming badly enough to lead them to lose market share.

As a result, 31 percent of survey respondents indicated they were “dissatisfied enough” with their EMR to consider switching. Of those users, the reasons cited for the potential switch were as follows: (more…)

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How Physicians Can Offer Direct Primary Care to Employers: An Interview with Dr. Samir Qamar of MedLion

Staying with the theme of practice models for independent physicians, here’s an interview with Samir Qamar, MD of MedLion.

MedLion Logo





Mary Pat: You are the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MedLion, as well as a practicing Family Physician. Tell us your story. 

Dr. Qamar: I grew up around the world the son of a UN diplomat, with a lot of time spent in Europe (including medical school). Growing up, I always wondered why most Europeans never needed insurance for basic medical care. I also learned a lot about the pros and cons of government-run health systems.


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How One Hospital Uses Box to Mobilize Their Providers

Box for HealthcareAt Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, doctors are saving time and sharing ideas using Box, a file-sharing and collaboration software that lets providers browse available medical documents and communicate with each other about treatment options. We are big believers in Box at Manage My Practice – we use it, and most of our clients end up using it too. Box is the only HIPAA-compliant file storage and collaboration service, and just like the doctors at Wake Forest, it makes our lives easier countless times a day. Wake Forest uses Box to store all of their medical journals and articles, as well as commenting on each file so that physicians can discuss procedures and treatment options. The doctors can access the repository from their tablets and smartphones, so that accessing detailed disease or treatment information is always as close as their mobile device.

Box is a simple and secure solution for sharing content with your coworkers, customers and audience. If you have moved your organizations’s practice management, electronic health record or email service to “the cloud” then it only makes sense to move your paperwork and content out of boxes and storage and into the cloud as well. If you have are using email attachments, a network drive, FTP server, or a non-compliant solution like Dropbox, then switching to Box can help your practice reduce your liability, stay HIPAA compliant, and store all of your digital content in a secure and accessible manner.

Box also makes mobilizing your workforce across locations easy. Box means your content is always available in a web browser, a phone or tablet, or synced on your desktop. Many of our consulting clients also use it to coordinate work and file across locations. If you have outsourced your billing or human resources, a shared folder in Box allows both locations to have the latest information and stay in touch.

Manage My Practice is a Certified Box Reseller, and would love to help you leverage Box to improve your practice’s workflow.

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Cutting Waste is More Important Than Ever: An Interview with Lean Healthcare Expert Mark Graban

Lean Processes in HealthcareMany colleagues I speak with have a sense of or some experience with the tenets of “Lean.” But how does it really apply to healthcare – and is it really a way for medical practices to do more with less and maximize their resources? I recently spoke with Lean Healthcare Expert Mark Graban about where the rubber meets the road in healthcare.

Mary Pat: Most people have heard of Lean or have had some experience with it – can you explain what Lean is? (more…)

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