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Where have I been?

Ten years after I started my consulting business and started blogging, in 2018 I stopped blogging when I took a very interesting interim position at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2019 I accepted the position permanently and we moved to Seattle. What followed was the most challenging time of my career – directing the coding team for 2600 physicians at UW through Covid (Seattle was the entry point of Covid you may remember) and full-bore telemedicine.

I loved that job and especially those people but in 2022, we decided to return to North Carolina where I was more than ready to downsize my job (and stress) and manage a small integrative medical practice. Through all this I’ve continued my consulting on a limited scale as clients have found me through my website.


What’s next?

In the midst of managing a small medical practice, I found to my dismay, that there is STILL tremendous confusion about Medicare. As I trod towards my future retirement, I’ve decided to write a book about Medicare. A book not only for patients, but for coders, billers, physicians and other providers, and other advisors.

To hold my feet to the fire, I’ve refreshed my website and am starting to blog again. Thanks to those of you who followed me from my start in 2008 and to those of you who are finding me now. Let me know what kind of information you would find useful in your job, whether it be related to Medicare or anything else medical management-related.

Mary Pat

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