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FAQ for New CMS Rules for Place of Service Codes (POS) on Claims for Services After April 1, 2013

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CMS has clarified the Place of Service (POS) codes that Physicians/Providers are to use on claims for services to patients starting April 1, 2013. This is more than a simple technical requirement, however. The correct place of service is directly tied to how much a physician/provider is compensated. Keep in mind that the professional fee (the physician/provider part) is different based on whether the service is provided in a non-facility setting (not the hospital) or a facility setting (the hospital.)

Q: What is the rule for choosing the POS for physician services?

A: The POS code to be used by the physician and other suppliers will be the same setting in which the beneficiary received the face-to-face service.

Q: How does the rule apply to the interpretation (reading) of diagnostic tests?


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