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Are Your Passwords Secure AND HIPAA Compliant?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about passwords recently. Be honest – how many of your employees’ desks have login information on a Post-It note taped to them right now?

Password on a Post It Note

In my experience, probably most.

Passwords seem pretty mundane on their face, but they are fascinating, revealing, incredibly dangerous pieces of information. How many things that we hold dear sit behind passwords? The obvious: bank accounts, email services, social media. The everyday: entertainment from Netflix, your Android or iOS appstore, a voicemail PIN, a security code at the office. The priceless: Flickr accounts full of photos of your family. Forums where you have a good reputation, or worst of all: accounts that give access to other accounts (i.e. Facebook,Google, or Apple passwords that allow sign-in to other services).

So we rely of these strings of characters for quite a bit.

Unfortunately, they are not particularly safe.


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