Why Does a Physician’s Office Need a Website?

There’s no doubt that consumers are looking online for information – all kinds of information. Here are the reasons why every single physician’s office needs a website.

  1. Establish a digital presence for the practice, just as you have established a physical presence for your practice. Stake a claim that declares “I’m here!”
  2. Establish your medical authority. Provide customized health information to existing patients and future patients.
  3. Tell your story. Say hello and be real.
  4. Be the connector. Connect patients to information, resources, and to each other!
  5. Be a portal for your patients. Let them get their records, their lab tests, their prescriptions, and their appointments online, at a time convenient to them.
  6. Communicate quickly. Make announcements. React to health news when it happens.
  7. Give directions to your physical practice.
  8. Provide your patients the convenience of paying their bill online.