Your Digital Reputation: What Does Your Online Presence Say to Future Employers?


I have been getting lots of questions lately about finding jobs in healthcare management.  The healthcare field is very mobile right now and many managers inside the field and in other fields are looking for advice on the best way to make a move.

In addition to making sure they have the right skills and experience, job seekers also need to be sure that their digital reputations are sterling, and if not, need to make the move to correct them.  In fact, every single person reading this post should check on their digital footprint and see what the web has to say.  You never know when an employment change will suddenly be in your future.

What if you don’t show up on the web radar at all because you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google finds no matches for your name?  That says you’re not in the know, not networking, not sharing and definitely not computer-savvy.  Here’s an excellent SlideShare presentation by Susan P. Joyce of that gives job seekers (and truly, each one of us in healthcare is a job seeker, whether we admit it to ourselves or not) a gold mine of information about creating or correcting your online presence.

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  1. Jennifer Dennard August 30, 2010

    This is such an important point to make, especially with regard to the large number of healthcare professionals that will be needed in the coming years. A digital presence can make all the difference these days. It gets your personal and professional brand out there and noticed, and enables you to interact with peers on a daily basis – a great way to keep your ear to the electronic ground for new job opportunities. Not only is it important to establish a digital presence/brand for yourself, but it’s also important to maintain it. I’m not going to follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook if I notice you haven’t used these tools in a few months. I offer some simple tips in a recent blog post:

    • Mary Pat Whaley August 30, 2010

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comment and the link – your post has some very good advice!

      Best wishes,

      Mary Pat