Time Management: Jott Helps Me Translate My Thoughts Into Email

One of my secret weapons to save time and get things done efficiently is Jott. Jott Assistant is a simple way to translate my thoughts into mail using my phone.  When I think of something that I need to do, or an email I want to send to someone, I call Jott (I have it on speed dial) and record my message and it shows up in my email, or in someone else’s email at a time of my choosing.

For instance: I am driving to a clinic and suddenly remember I need the office supervisor to schedule a staff meeting next week.  I call Jott, say who it is I want to Jott, when I want the message to be sent, what the message it, and it is done.

Jott is not free, but based on the time it saves me, I think it is a very good value.  You can try it for free for a week and see if you like it, but, like most applications, it does take a while to really explore all the ways you can use it.  Jott says:

Jott turns your voicemail messages into text and delivers them as text messages and emails that are actually useful. You can forward and reply to them, screen calls when you’re in meetings, set call-back reminders and more! Set-up only takes a few minutes and Jott works with most major US carriers.

Interestingly,  as recently reported by Inga on HIStalkPractice, Nuance (owner of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition programs) just acquired Jott:

a voice-to-text transcription application aimed at mobile users to create notes, use e-mail tools, and update application databases. While general cell phone users are its target audience, there certainly are healthcare possibilities there (nurses calling in vital signs to the EMR, maybe, or doing progress notes by cell phone).

Jott will interface (usually called a “mashup”) with the following tools and applications, allowing you to post to your favorite web services with your voice (Twitter, Facebook, Remember The Milk, Quicken) and listen to your RSS feed updates on the go (Yahoo, New York Times, The Huffington Post, Major League Baseball, CNet.)

Photo credit: © Theodor38 | Dreamstime.com

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