The Social Media Conversation


As social media matures and more healthcare groups gain experience using it, we understand more about it and the role it will play in the future of healthcare.

Last week, Abraham and I gave a program called “Starting the Conversation: An Introduction to Using Social Media In Healthcare” to a group of healthcare managers. We discussed social media’s potential to influence patient satisfaction, which is expected to influence reimbursement.

You can download our program here.

Resources from the presentation:

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  1. David Waldron July 11, 2011

    Nicely done!

  2. Anita L. Lang, FACMPE July 13, 2011

    Mary Pat

    Your presentation on using social media in healthcare is well prepared–excellent content and organization. From my experience, the #1 reason for independent and/or integrated delivery systems not picking up on this technology is the risk of HIPAA and PHI violations, the #2 reason is the cost in time– resources to update and maintain. Need to ensure the above objections are non-issues and shift C-level strategy (with physician leaders) to direct marketing dollars towards this technology and build patient engagement.

    • Mary Pat Whaley July 13, 2011

      Hi Anita,

      I agree that many have concerns about HIPAA violations, but it is the same as every other area in healthcare – one must understand HIPAA, educate providers and staff, monitor activity and address violations. Just as many believed in the early days of HIPAA that a staff member could not use a patient’s name when calling them from the reception area, I believe that once some of the hububb has died down, social media as a tool will stop being so scary and will find a deservedly appropriate place in healthcare.

      You are correct that time must be allocated. Many people still believe that social media is free, including the resources and time to implement and maintain them. Every healthcare entity must discern the ROI of social media for their group, just as they discern it for any traditional media or any other expense in the group.

      Thank you so much for your comments!

      Best wishes,

      Mary Pat