The Medical Mirror: Monitor Your Health With Cardiocam


Amazingly, Ming-Zher Poh’s Cardiocam takes physiological measurements without physical contact with the patient of any kind!  Click on the Cardiocam link below to see the video demonstrating the technology, which was introduced mid-2010.


Thanks to Denise Silber’s eHealth Blog for featuring this technology on her blog.

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  1. Bruce January 6, 2011

    I thought you had a policy of not recommending specific product or services on your blog site. May I ask why you did this week, providing this company with valuable visibility?

    • Mary Pat Whaley January 7, 2011

      Hi Bruce,

      I did not recommend this product; I brought its presence to the attention of my readers. As technology is one of my personal passions, I am always interested in things in healthcare that I rate as having a high cool factor. This product has the potential to significantly change what the patient can monitor themselves which could make it a disruptive innovation.

      Thanks for your question!

      Best wishes,

      Mary Pat