Ten Reasons Why (Some) Physicians Aren’t Rushing to Adopt EMRs

  1. Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop on Medicare payments.
  2. Private practices may not have the in-house expertise to implement an EMR and may not be able to afford a consultant (although some states are receiving grants to help practices – check your state’s grant here.)
  3. There is a lot of confusion on the parts of Meaningful Use that have been clarified and of course, on those that haven’t.
  4. Administrators are distracted by RAC, PECOS, HIPAA , PQRI, eRx and RCM.
  5. Some practices have spent years avoiding Medicare and Medicaid patients and now don’t have the patient numbers to participate.
  6. Everyone and their uncle is selling an EMR – who can tell the long-timers who are about to be bought from the short-timers who might last forever?
  7. Physicians are worried about the drop in production that (some say) happens when a practice launches an EMR.
  8. There seems to be as many horror stories as there are success stories with EMRs.
  9. Practices that are affiliated with a hospital are nervous about tying themselves to the hospital in such a serious way as hopping on their EMR package.
  10. Because two practices can have absolutely opposite experiences with the same EMR, no one can find consistent recommendations for any single product. (It’s not the product, it’s the implementation!)
  11. Bonus Reason: lots of people are confused about how to qualify for the ARRA money (read my post about this here.)

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