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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition (VR), sometimes called speech recognition (SR), is a technology that translates the spoken word into the written/electronic word.  In healthcare it is most commonly used for physician notes in the medical record.  The physician dictates the information and either edits the information himself/herself, or a staff member edits the information.  The physiican note can be printed for inclusion in the paper chart, or can be imported into the electronic chart.  Some electronic medical record (EMR) software products have speech recognition built-in, and some have the ability to integrate with speech recognition software.

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Nuance Releases Version 10 of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Software

David Williams has a podcast/transcripted interview with Nuance Communications’ Keith Belton on the new release of Dragon Medical.  Here’s the pertinent information straight from the interview:

  • allows physicians to navigate their EMR via speech command and to dictate anywhere in the EMR
  • 20 percent more accurate out of the box than Dragon Medical 9
  • first industrial strength version that allows a chief information officer to install it and deploy it enterprise-wide across hospitals and clinics
  • medical vocabularies that cover almost 80 specialties
  • listens to the speech of non-native speakers and automatically loads one of eight region-specific language accent models
  • new medical abbreviations wizard that presents a list of common specialty abbreviations and follows the Joint Commission guidelines on approved and unapproved expansions of abbreviations
  • can create text-based macros and text-based templates with personal variability

The list price of version 10 of Dragon Medical is $1599 per physician.  The 18% annual maintenance fee includes upgrades.  Here’s the original release notice from the Nuance website.

There remains a huge controversy over the fact that Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 (different from the Dragon Medical product) no longer works with EMR packages.  At about $200, Version 9 of Dragon Naturally Speaking was the choice of many physicians using EMR.

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