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Monday Special: A Gift Bag of Resource Websites for Healthcare Managers

Here’s a Monday Special that will knock your socks off!  Barbara Duck at Medical Quack has an invaluable list of resources on her website – links to K-Mart, WalMart, Costco, Kroger and Target pharmacy pricing.  Not too long ago, a patient asked me why her doctor couldn’t help her by letting her know where she could get the drug he was prescribing for the lowest price.  Why not indeed!

Why not consider setting up a program at your practice to help patients find the lowest prices for their prescriptions?  With links to your local pharmacies, you could come up with some creative ways to quickly look up prices for patients.  If you’re looking for a way to distinguish your practice from the rest, this is a sure patient-pleaser.  However, if you have more patients than you can handle, your expenses are under control and you can’t find ways to spend all the money your practice is making, as Miss Emily Latella on Saturday Night Live used to say, “Oh, that’s very different…Never Mind!”

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