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Medsider’s Interview With Me: Medical Sales Reps Can Help Physicians Market Their Services

Click here to go to Medsider to hear Scott Nelson interviewing me on ways sales reps can help physicians in new ways. When I consult with companies who want to understand new ways to work with medical practices, I advise them to consider more carefully the role the staff play in making practice services happen. It may be the physician’s name on the referral, but it’s probably the referral clerk who is pulling all the strings!

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What I Told Intuit Health About Marketing to Medical Practices

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with 50 employees of Intuit Health (live in Cary, NC and virtually in Menlo Park, CA) on the workflow of the medical practice and what makes medical practices unique from a marketing prospective.

Why is healthcare so very different from other markets and so often frustrating for medical salespeople?


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