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12 Ways to Supercharge Your Practice in 2012: #9 Start a Credit Card on File Program


Doctor's Office Accepting a Credit Card

Anyone who has read my writing for any period of time knows that I am a big proponent of No Statements!

Patient statements are a waste of time and resources. Think of what your life might be like without statements:

No monthly expense to generate or send statements via electronic service or printing and stuffing.

  1. No need to sort them out of the mail, open them, post them, copy or scan them, and deposit them.
  2. No returned checks.
  3. When three or more statements don’t zero-balance the account, no need to prepare the accounts to be sent to third-party collections and write them off.
  4. No need to dismiss the patient from the practice.
  5. No need to post any collections payments and adjustment to the accounts.
  6. No need to deal with the patient when they want to return to the practice and you have to deal with it.


But what takes the place of statements?


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