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Natural Language Processing, First Steps Towards Telehealth, and a Single App to Read any EHR in another edition of Manage My Practice’s 2.0 Tuesday!

As managers, providers and employees, we always have to be looking ahead at how the technology on our horizon will affect how our organizations administer health care. In the spirit of looking forward to the future, we present “2.0 Tuesday”, a  feature on Manage My Practice about how technology is impacting our practices, and our patient and population outcomes.

We hope you enjoy looking ahead with us, and share your ideas, reactions and comments below!

  • Natural Language Processing Advances Allow for Improved Insight into Public Health

Writing for KevinMD, Jaan Sidorov, author of the Disease Management Care Blog highlights several examples of how Natural Language Processing- the idea of teaching computer programs to understand the relationship between words in human speech (teaching them to not just hear us, but understand us- like Watson understood the clues on Jeopardy) is being be applied to the Electronic Health Record to predict and prepare for public health trends, as well as to correct mistakes present in the electronic record due to human error. Recent developments like the CDC’s Biosense program allow public health officials at local, state and federal levels to monitor big picture trends in public health by the words and diagnoses reported in medical documentation- keeping an ear on health trends, by “listening” to data about reported health incidents.

  • 10 Best Practices for Implementing Telemedicine in Hospitals

Sabrina Rodak at Becker Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management has put together a fantastic list of the steps and assessments involved in implementing a telemedicine program in a hospital setting. Although written with Orthopods in mind, the questions that need to be answered, and the steps that need to be taken to develop a strong, lasting program are similar across many different programs and specialties. With so much excitement in the field, it is very nice to see someone talk about the process of taking these technologies from drawing board excitement to nuts-and-bolts execution.

(via FierceHealthIT)

  • San Diego Health System Seeks to Develop Single App to Access Any EMR

Presenting at a Toronto Mobile Healthcare Summit Last Week, Dr. Benjamin Kanter, CIO of Palomar Pomerado Health presented the two-hospital system’s plans to develop their own native mobile application to view as many different Electronic Medical Records as possible from a single mobile interface. In other words, this fairly small health system, who has only devoted three employees to the project, is taking on one of the biggest, and toughest challenges in HIT by simply saying “We can do it ourselves!”, and from some of the reactions from the conference attendees who saw the presentation, they are off to quite a strong start. The first version of the program should launch for Android in March, and the system already has a deal in place with vendor Cerner to access their systems. Stay tuned!

(via ITWorldCanada)


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Attention Doctors: Sign Up Today For Medication Recalls and Warnings


Launched just a year ago this month, the Health Care Notification Network is a fast and easy way for physicians and their staff to receive important information regarding medication recalls, warnings and national public health emergencies.  Once physicians sign up and their information is validated against the AMA database, physician staff may be added to the database to receive alerts.

From the HCNN webpage:

The Health Care Notification Network (HCNN) mission is to improve patient safety and protect the interests of consumers and healthcare providers. The HCNN will pursue its mission by delivering important patient safety alerts to providers securely online, in a manner that is faster, more efficient and more reliable than the current paper-based systems that typically use the U.S. mail.  The HCNN is a free service for healthcare providers. Provider emails will be kept secure and not be sold or disclosed to other 3rd parties.

And, today, from the Medical Group Practice Association (MGMA), encouragement to get signed up with HCNN so as not to miss an important alert this week:

The Health Care Notification Network (HCNN) is scheduled to communicate an important prescribing alert this week. This online alert will be distributed via the HCNN in advance of traditional paper-based alerts to approximately 600,000 physicians, targeting the following specialties:

– Emergency Medicine
– Family Medicine
– General Practice
– Internal Medicine
– Neurology

Unregistered members can enroll to view this alert and other alerts at any time but will continue to receive paper-based alerts until they are registered for the HCNN.

Many medical societies, medical liability carriers, patient advocacy groups, and other health care industry organizations support HCCN  “because it improves patient safety and decreases practice liability.”  At some point in the future, medical liability carriers may offer discounts to their clients who are registered with HCNN.

To register  with HCNN, click here.

To go to the HCNN Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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