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An Exhaustive (and Exhausting) Medicare Roundup for November 18, 2011 Including the Revalidation Call Transcript, 5010 Enforcement Delay, Medicare Sends Less Collection Letters and ICD-10 Handbooks

CMS Announces 90-Day Period of Enforcement Discretion for Compliance with New HIPAA Transaction Standards

Today the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Office of E-Health Standards and Services (OESS) announced that it would not initiate enforcement action until March 31, 2012, with respect to any HIPAA covered entity that is not in compliance with the ASC X12 Version 5010 (Version 5010), NCPDP Telecom D.0 (NCPDP D.0) and NCPDP Medicaid Subrogation 3.0 (NCPDP 3.0) standards. Notwithstanding OESS’ discretionary application of its enforcement authority, the compliance date for use of these new standards remains January 1, 2012 (small health plans have until January 1, 2013 to comply with NCPDP 3.0).

CMS has posted the transcript from the National Provider Call on Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from CMS experts on this important topic. Click on National Provider Call on Revalidation of Medicare Provider Enrollment  to view the transcript. This transcript contains a number of post call clarifications – such as where to find the listing of providers which have received a notice to revalidate.  The audio file will be posted in the near future.

Now Available Online: List of Providers sent a Revalidation Request

In response to provider requests, CMS has posted a listing of providers who have been sent a request to revalidate their Medicare enrollment information. The listing contains the name and national provider identifier (NPI) of each provider sent a letter, as well as the date the letter was sent. To see the listing, click on “Revalidation Phase 1 Listing” in the Downloads section of the Medicare Provider Supplier Enrollment Revalidation Page. NOTE: You must widen each column in the spreadsheet to view the contents. CMS will be updating this list monthly.


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