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A Manage My Practice Classic: 5 Questions – A Deceptively Simple Performance Evaluation

Performance Review

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This tells me that people continue to struggle with the process of evaluating employee performance.

The point of the “5 Questions” evaluation is not to underline that the employee is often tardy or doesn’t complete assignments on time – those things should be dealt with outside of this process (remember the old adage “No new news at the performance evaluation.”) They can be added to #3 as goals, but the idea is to to dig under those things and see if the employee is dissatisfied, overwhelmed or under-challenged.

I typically use this form at 90 days after hire, then at the one year mark, then every 6 months thereafter.

Yes, evaluating this much is very time-consuming – but it pays BIG dividends.

Invest in your employees by using this form and meeting for at least an hour – you might be surprised that it’s one of the most in-depth evaluations you’ll ever do!


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