1. Sue Ann February 2, 2016

    What’s kind of sad is the 4th one uses acronyms most providers/doctors do not know – it’s all lumped together for them under “Obamacare.”

  2. Rudolf Dankwort February 12, 2016

    “The patient is in the exam room or the lab, ready for the service or test, and a knowledgeable staff person must step in, explain the rules and pricing and obtain the patient’s signature.”

    I understood that an ABN has to be issued to the patient well before this event takes place.

    • Mary Pat Whaley February 17, 2016

      Hi Rudolph,

      The ABN has to be issued before the service takes place. If the service is the office visit, the signing has to happen before the patient enters the exam room. If the service is a test, the signing has to happen before the blood is drawn or the x-ray is taken. The signature cannot be obtained after the patient has already had the service.

      Best wishes,

      mary Pat