News Nabs for September 9, 2009

Doctors Slash Vaccines Due to High Cost (CNN Money)

Physicians are referring patients to the public health departments for vaccines because insurers won’t reimburse them for the cost of the vaccine, much less a profit to cover the overhead and labor.  Physicians want to give high quality care to their patients, but why should they subsidize vaccines?  Read about it here.

Ghostwriting: the Dirty Little Secret of Medical Publishing That Just Got Bigger (Public Library of Science)

Surprise! Pharmaceutical companies are writing journal articles and attaching physician names to them.  What doesn’t pharma have a hand in today?  Read it here.

InQuickER: The Answer to Making a Visit to the ER an In and Out Experience

InQuickER says that the average wait time in the Emergency Room is 3.2 hours.  I recently spent 5 hours on a Sunday and 7 hours on a Monday in the ER, although I must say I was grateful that the ER was there.  Atlanta-based InQuickER, launched in April of this year, announced the launch of a new service that allows patients with non life-threatening conditions to reduce their waiting time by calling ahead or signing in online. The price to patients is USD 24.99 per visit, and if the patient is not seen within 15 minutes of their “appointment” there is no charge for the ER treatment – no charge for the ER visit, no charge for diagnostic services, and no charge for supplies.  Read more here.

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