MML (Medical Markup Language)


The MML is the specification for optimum exchange of clinical data between different clinical institutions. The database can be considered to be a kind of table. Each institution uses a uniquely defined table. Therefore, the exchange of a simple data set such as that includes address, name, diagnosis, etc. may lead to different sequence of data between institutions. If such data is transmitted as is, the data sequence changes. To allow for proper exchange, the database for all clinical systems should be integrated into the same structure. However this is impractical as all systems currently operating throughout the country world have to be rewritten. The MML (Medical Markup Language) is a standard format for data exchange which we have studied for the purpose above. The latest version MML has been developed via XML technology. To ensure that the specification is available for multiple electronic medical chart systems, the data is converted into MML documents (MML instances) for data exchange with other institutions. (Fig. 1) The institution receiving the data converts the MML data into its own format for mapping to the database. This allows for the data exchange for clinical institutions throughout the country while maintaining the uniqueness of each institution. Each system is designed by each vendor on a competitive basis. The principle of competition will lead to the development of a better system of operation. (definition by Hiroyuki Yoshihara, MML-WG, Electronic Health Record Research Group)

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