“How’s It Ben Going”: Caregiver Ben Makes Flip Camera Videos for Heartland Health and 15 Ways You Can Use Video in Your Practice

If you’re wondering how to get your point across to your staff, your patients, or even your kids – why not make a video?

Here’s a delightful video that Caregiver Ben made about employee BMI screening for Heartland Health.  All it takes is a flip video camera ($100 – $200) and a little practice.  Think of all the ways you could use video at your practice:

  1. New employee orientation & training
  2. Training for existing employees learning new processes
  3. Introduction of new protocols
  4. Documentation of office events
  5. Pediatrics – filming baby’s first visit as a gift to the parents
  6. Geriatrics – filming the doctor’s instructions for the caregiver
  7. Filming instructions for a non-English speaker with the translator
  8. Filming instructions for a low-literacy patient
  9. Filming new physician visits to help improve eye contact and communication
  10. Welcome to our practice video on your website
  11. Videos on your website showing patient how to check blood sugar, take their blood pressure, check their home for fall risks – endless!
  12. Videos of each provider introducing themselves
  13. Videos of most frequently asked questions in your practice
  14. Testimonials of satisfied patients on your website
  15. If it’s hard to have regular staff meetings or if you typically write an office newsletter once a month or so, make a video staff meeting or newsletter!

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