Guest Author Rebecca Morehead: Utilizing An E-Newsletter To Generate More Revenue For Your Medical Practice

Newsletters, especially electronically delivered ones, can actually generate revenue for your practice in many different ways.  So here are a few ideas for improving your monthly medical practice income this summer by distributing a newsletter to your patients.

  • Building rapport. A newsletter will keep your medical practice in front of your patients.  They will think of you first for healthcare, answers, and advice.  An electronic newsletter can establish your ability to communicate effectively using this newer communication device.  It is especially admirable to have an article written by one of your physicians each month speaking directly to patients in a candid bedside manner.  Your patients are more likely to refer you to one of their friends when they know, like and trust you.
  • Selling products on the shelf. A newsletter can assist you with selling items you have sitting on your shelf right now such as dermatological creams, supplements, equipment, etc.  You may even want to announce flu shots or vaccines when they come available.
  • Promoting services.  You may have services that some of your patients have not taken advantage of, or may not be aware exists at your practice.  By highlighting other services that you provide in addition to doctor visits, you could acquire new revenue from existing patients.
  • Introducing new services. Many times you will want to introduce new products or services to your patients and an electronic newsletter can help you to get the word out quickly and effectively without added cost.  You can also announce specials and offers you may have for the month using this venue.  New providers and staff can be announced to patients this way too.
  • Informing patients. Apprising your patients of the latest news, healthcare trends, and policies affecting your medical practice can be a benefit for both you and your patients.  You can provide assistance through your monthly updates to help them assimilate all the new information they are receiving from the media more easily.
  • Building credibility. Your newsletter can build credibility for your practice and physician(s) by answering general questions, and by discussing diseases and symptoms related to conditions you treat commonly within your specialty.  This establishes your practice as the expert and go-to facility for patients’ healthcare needs.

There are many ways that an e-newsletter can provide benefit to your medical practice and generate additional revenue.  If you already have a newsletter in place, then make sure to utilize it to the fullest by sending regular and consistent monthly notices preferably at the same time each month.  Continue to add new patients to your newsletter list each week.  Provide fresh new content and updates to your newsletter regularly.

If you are just getting started and need ideas for a newsletter you can begin with a simple template such as this layout:
”¢    What’s New
”¢    Tips ”“ Q & A
”¢    Medication Updates
”¢    Featured Article
”¢    Announcements/Specials

For more ideas and information on distributing an e-newsletter, visit my blog at Practice Manager Solutions.

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