Faced a RAC Recovery Audit? Take Frank Cohen’s Survey!

If you have, please consider taking a few minutes to fill out the post-Audit survey being compiled and made available free by the Frank Cohen Group. This is the last week the survey is being offered, so hurry!

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“Just a reminder that the RAC audits and appeals survey will close on Monday the 17th – so if you haven’t responded, please do so as soon as possible. The results of this survey will be passed along to congressional representatives to aid in their case for creating an accountability provision for the RAC auditors. It has become quite obvious that RACs have become far too aggressive and zealous with regard to their audit tactics and findings, invalidating their original purpose. The concern is that, by acting in an abusive manner, RACs are actually adding to the cost of healthcare, not reducing it.

The survey is only six questions and takes less than three minutes to complete; so I urge anyone who has been subject to a RAC audit in the past year to please respond. You can access the survey at www.FrankCohenGroup.com by clicking on the Surveys tab.

Thanks again for your help. I will be publishing the results shortly after the survey has closed.”

Taking the survey is a great, quick way to have your voice as a medical practice manager heard by policymakers and the voting public at large. Take advantage of it!

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