Electronic Faxing


Electronic faxing (also called efaxing, online faxing or internet faxing) is the process of sending a document between two people/accounts via the Internet, much in the way email sends messages over the Internet between two people.  eFaxing is a preferred method of sending information as opposed to traditional faxing as it is more compliant with HIPAA security regulations as it can be encrypted and password protected.

eFaxing is also preferable because:

  1. No dedicated telephone line is required for the efax
  2. No fax machines are needed (purchase, maintenance, toner)
  3. No paper is used – it’s green!
  4. Multiple faxes can be sent and received simultaneously
  5. Long-distance and monthly phone costs are eliminated
  6. Any location that has Internet access can send or receive faxes

I would also add that efaxing can also automatically index a document to a repository or to an electronic medical record.

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