Did You Know That ARRA Stimulus Money for Meaningful Use of an EMR is Taxable*?

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But aren’t eligible providers getting that money as an inducement, actually a prize for hoop-jumping, having purchased a certified EMR and now using it meaningfully?

Oh, man, I knew there was a catch to this deal.

Next you’ll be telling me that Medicare’s reimbursement will be shrinking 21.2% November 30, 2010 and an additional 6.1% January 1, 2011.


*Thanks to HIStalk Practice for pointing out this revelation from the AAFP.

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  1. Hank Mayers October 28, 2010

    Found out about 1 month ago. How many times can the federal government insult the docs? Yes, CONGRESS forgot to address this in the HITECH Act. But somebody needs to hustle up and fix this pronto. I do seminars with docs on HIT Adoption, and I can tell you it is killing interest in the EHR Incentive.