5 & 10 Rules


What is the 5 and 10 staff rule?

I believe the first answer is the one that readers are asking about, but the others are interesting too.

  1. Customer Service: The 10-5 Rule states that when a patient moves to within 10 feet of you, you make eye contact.  When a patient moves within 5 feet of you, you greet them. This applies to patients, co-workers, visitors, anyone in your practice anywhere.
  2. Poker: When contemplating a raise because your position is good, you have a clear call if the raise is less than 5% of your stack, and a clear fold if it is more than10%.
  3. Baseball: The 5/10 Rule states that players who have been with a club for 5 consecutive years and have been a major league player for 10 years cannot be traded without their consent.
  4. Finances: If your current annual taxable income is below the poverty line, save five percent of your income every month. Otherwise, save ten percent of your income every month.
  5. Book: “Avoiding Malpractice: 10 Rules, 5 Systems, 20 Cases” by Carolyn Buppert. This book offers 10 rules and 5 systems for nurse practitioners to incorporate into their practices, in order to avoid diagnostic omissions or lapses in follow-up (the two major reasons nurse practitioners and medical doctors are sued for malpractice).
  6. Organized Religion/Networking: The 5 -10 ”“ Link Rule encourages the church to build community, encourage regular attenders to initiate contact with people they don’t know.  Someone living by the rule sets this as a personal standard: “I won’t initiate a conversation with anyone I know until I have attempted for 5 minutes after every meeting to reach someone I don’t know. If, when talking to someone, I see an unfamiliar person within 10 feet, I will go to them or draw them in. I will not leave a newcomer without linking the person to another contact.”

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