2.0 Tuesday: ONC Offers Compliance Guidelines, BYOD In The Practice, And A Shazam App For Heartbeats

As managers, providers and employees, we always have to be looking ahead at how the technology on our horizon will affect how our organizations administer health care. In the spirit of looking forward to the future, we present “2.0 Tuesday”, a feature on Manage My Practice about how technology is impacting our practices, and our patient and population outcomes.

We hope you enjoy looking ahead with us, and share your ideas, reactions and comments below!

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Releases Privacy and Security Guide

In the wake of the HIPAA breach incident settlement at Phoenix Cardiac Surgeons, the ONC has released a 47-page guideline document to ensure providers can stay compliant. The guide offers overview information about the information security issues facing all practices and organizations today, and what they can do to stay compliant while working with vendors and adapting to change. With all providers needing to stay on top of compliance issues to not only achieve incentive goals but to avoid rate reductions, this free guide is a great place for all concerned managers to start.

(via Healthcare Info Security)

7 Ways “BYOD” Could Boost Business in Your Practice

One of the buzzwords making its way into the conversation of managers and administrators in charge of IT decisions these days is “BYOD”, an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”. As more and more employees own their own smartphones with fast cellular connections and widely-used mobile application platforms, more and more organizations are considering the possibility of having their employees provide their phones for work, while employers provide software applications that run on popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. With high mobile device adoption rates in Healthcare workers, conditions seem right for BYOD initiatives to flourish. At the blog VentureBeat Jack Newton, the CEO of Clio, a Practice Management Software System for Lawyers argues for 7 ways that the BYOD trend could boost your business.

(via VentureBeat)

CEO Predicts “Shazam App for Heartbeats.

Have you heard of the popular audio recognition app Shazam? The mobile phone program allows you to use the mic on your cell phone to identify songs, tv shows and movies you haven’t heard of before by letting the program “hear” them. Pretty handy when you hear that song you can’t get out of your head, but can’t seem to find out the title or name of the artist. Speaking last week at the HIMSS mHealth Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark, Steinar Pedersen, Founder of Tromsø Telemedicine Labs predicted that the market would one day see a “Shazam App for Heartbeats”, in essence, a ECG that would use an internet connection and database access to give a rough evaluation of a heartbeat uploaded by the user. Similar in ambition to projects hoping to use telemedicine to remotely diagnose skin rashes, or coughing sounds, Mr. Pedersen’s speech has reminded us once again what bright future could be in store for the intersection of technology and Healthcare.

(via MobiHealthNews)


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