Manage My Practice is a full-service medical practice management consulting firm that focuses on helping independent physician practices to thrive.

We provide targeted expertise in the medical practice industry to help you start your new practice, add providers or ancillary service lines to your business, or help navigate the financial and regulatory challenges your practice faces. Our focus is delivering on-demand, pay as you go solutions that allow you to keep costs down while reaching your financial and organizational goals. We offer consulting on all aspects of your practice, including fractional practice management in a virtual environment to give physicians and other providers access to experienced practice management talent without the expense of a major onsite engagement.

We are experts at the wallet-friendly new practice set-up and love to work with spouse teams to help the “managing” spouse learn about healthcare.

We are proud to partner with David Zetter, PHR, CHCC, CHCO, CPC, CPC-H, PCS, FCS, CHBC of Zetter Healthcare Management Solutions for Meaningful Use help and compliance and NPI questions. David’s services also include financial and tax services and personal financial planning.

Manage My Practice offers provider credentialing, and medical coding and billing audits for compliance and quality assurance, as well as customized webinar training for HIPAA, OSHA and Billing compliance.

Can’t figure out why insurance payments are so sluggish? Manage My Practice can review your billing, find the reasons for the slowdown and set you on a course for improved revenue and streamlining of your billing processes.

Need a cash infusion into your practice? We started the Credit Card on File (CCOF) revolution in healthcare and we have three ways we can help you collect patient balances without sending statements or sending patients to collections. CCOF is the one program we recommend for every single practice – every size, every specialty, every location in the US and abroad. If you are not ready to start CCOF in your practice, but would like to know if your current credit card processing rate is competitive, we can evaluate your statement and shop a better rate for you. Credit card processing rates are very competitive right now, so it’s a great time to hold your current processor’s feet to the fire! To discuss what you are currently paying for taking credit card payments in your practice, complete a contact form or call  Mary Pat Whaley at (919) 370-0504.

Ready to start your ICD-10 training? We provide onsite or virtual training for your physicians, non-physician providers, billing staff and non-billing staff. Everyone in your office needs a basic understanding of ICD-10 and now is the time for physician practices to jump on board.

We are known for our top-notch monthly webinars targeted to the needs of medical practices. Along with the nuts and bolts content, attendees receive an Action Pack of Word documents they can start using right away to improve their practice.

Our comprehensive marketing program with partner Greg Fawcett gives clients the combined value of an inbound marketing expert (Greg), a social media expert (Mary Pat), and a technology guru (Abraham.)

The Manage My Practice Blog keeps our readers up to date with the latest healthcare news, trends and analysis, while also giving medical practice managers a place to gather as a community, trade ideas and share perspectives.

Current Engagements:

    • Setting up new practices in Maryland, Virginia, California, Kansas, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Kuwait
    • Revenue Cycle Management projects in Florida, Colorado, California and Louisiana
    • Credit Card on File projects in Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia and New York
    • Assisting billing companies in California and Maine
    • Assisting EHR companies in the U.S and Canada
    • Chart Audits in Florida and West Virginia

For more information, contact us or call  Mary Pat Whaley at (919) 370-0504.