Manage My Practice is a full-service medical practice management consulting firm that focuses on helping solo and small independent physician practices to thrive.

We provide targeted expertise in the medical practice industry to help you start your new practice, add providers or ancillary service lines to your business, or help navigate the financial and regulatory challenges your practice faces. Our focus is delivering on-demand, pay as you go solutions that allow you to keep costs down while reaching your financial and organizational goals. We offer consulting on all aspects of your practice, including fractional practice management in a virtual environment to give physicians and other providers access to experienced practice management talent without the expense of a major onsite engagement.

We are experts at the wallet-friendly new practice start-up and love to work with spouse teams to help the “managing” spouse learn about healthcare. We specialize in setting up solo and small practices, and have experience in starting cash practices (concierge, membership, and Direct Primary Care), insurance practices and insurance/cash hybrid practices. We can furnish almost everything you need to start your practice, perform a focused project for one part of your start-up, or just create a Pro Forma to see if your practice vision is feasible financially.

Struggling to collect from patients with high-deductible health plans? Struggling to collect from patients period? Manage My Practice originated the Credit Card on File (CCOF) program for medical and dental practices. If you are looking for a program that will both lower your collection costs and increase your revenue, then you need to learn more about CCOF.

Manage My Practice offers provider credentialing and medical coding and billing audits for compliance and quality assurance, as well as customized webinar training for HIPAA, OSHA and compliance.

Can’t figure out why payers keep denying your services? Manage My Practice can review your billing, find the reasons for the denials and set you on a course for improved revenue and understanding of the payer rules.

Need to add some Social Media Marketing savvy to your practice? We have what you need in a form that is convenient and affordable here.

The Manage My Practice Blog keeps our readers up to date with the latest healthcare news, trends and analysis, while also giving medical practice managers a place to gather as a community, trade ideas and share perspectives.

For more information, contact Manage My Practice here or call (919) 370-0504.

Current Engagements:

  • Merger Project for Cardiology and Family Medicine practices in Michigan (credentialing)
  • Internal Medicine de-merger project in NC (credentialing)
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice in Texas (credentialing, CCOF and revenue cycle management)
  • Credit Card on File Implementation and new Physician Compensation Pro Forma for Neurology practice in Maryland (CCOF and New Physician Pro Forma)
  • Cardiology Practice in Florida (start-up)
  • Cardiology Practice in Oregon (start-up)
  • Renegotiation of contracts and possible transition to cash practice for Family Practice in NC (what if?)
  • NP/PA Recruitment Project for Endocrinology practice in Oregon (recruitment and credentialing)
  • Billing and Workflow Assessment for ENT Practice in NC (revenue cycle management)
  • Neurology Practice in Washington (start-up)
  • Billing Coaching for Urgent Care and Orthopedic practices in North Carolina and Virginia (revenue improvement)
  • HIPAA & OSHA Training and other projects for Primary Care Practice in Wyoming (fractional administrator)
  • Membership Pediatric Practice in Oregon (start-up)