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During the course of setting up a new practice, we always discuss the role of social media in the practice’s marketing strategy. We do not recommend a cookie cutter approach to marketing and social media, as every practice is unique in its needs and the marketing investment will depend on the practice specialty, the practice’s target demographic and the practice model (see my recent slide deck on 12 practice models).

Many of our client practices ask for social media education, but until recently, I did not have a resource to provide. Then I met Janet Kennedy. She has 25+ years of marketing experience and is a member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network. She is also the host of Get Social Health Podcast, an amazing lineup of healthcare social media luminaries, including Physicians!

Janet has filled the great need for social media education for the physician practice by creating The Get Social Health Academy – a resource that fits the bill – affordable, available on demand and very pertinent to today’s medical practices.

Introducing the Get Social Health Academy!

The Get Social Health Academy was created to help the healthcare practitioner, especially in a small practice, to get up to speed on social media and how to use it in healthcare. The courses cover a wide variety of topics from an introduction to social media for healthcare to HIPAA compliance and breaches, content development and social media strategy.

The courses were developed to inform and educate team members who may have little formal marketing background. They are focused on practical learning and tactical actions and would be effective in any size or type of practice.

Social Media Education for Healthcare

The Curriculum

Course 100: The Big Picture

Get up to speed with the current state of social media in healthcare. In “The Big Picture” you’ll get a 20,000-foot look from how it’s being used to educate and engage with patients, and how practices are using it to benefit patient acquisition and business growth. When you finish the course you will have a good sense of what’s happening in social media for healthcare and will be able to move forward into the other courses with a solid understanding of the basics whether you are new to social media or are new to using social media in a healthcare professional environment.

Course 200: Privacy, HIPAA Compliance and Social Media Policies

  • Presents an overview of PHI, PII and oversight agencies
  • Review HIPAA or Privacy Violations Scenarios
  • Learn essential elements of an effective social media policy
  • Best and “Worst” Practices Examples

Course 300: Claim Your Space & Establish Your Online Presence

In this course, we’re going back to square one. Whether your practice has jumped enthusiastically into social media or you have avoided it at all costs you could be at a disadvantage. As the saying goes – Time, Tide and social media wait for no one. There are a lot of basic steps that need to be taken to get set up properly online so your practice can truly benefit from being active in social media.

This course will cover where you need to be present online, claiming your business locations, what to include in your online profiles and how to set them up for maximum impact and Search Engine Optimization benefit.

Course 400: Best Practices in Engaging on the Top Social Media Platforms

In this course, we’ll be taking a look at the top social media platforms and the best practices for engagement. In previous courses, we discussed the healthcare social media landscape, have reviewed the HIPAA and Privacy rules and gotten all your social sites claimed and up to date.

Now it’s time to engage in social media. We’ll look at each of the platforms and review a high-level strategy on how to engage in each of them. Plus I’ll show you some examples of practice social sites with Best Practice and opportunity for improvement tips.

Combo: “The Essentials” – Courses 100, 200, 300 & 400

“The Essentials” includes access to courses 100, 200, 300 & 400 at an additional discount. Content is presented in short videos easily viewed at work.

Coming Soon

  • Course 310: Managing Your Online Reputation >> Available February 2016
  • Course 500: Staff Training Course- Social Media’s Impact on our Business (Available 2016)
  • Course 600: Social Media Lead – A detailed course for your in-house social media team (Available 2016)

Academy Discount!

Very generously, Janet is discounting Academy classes to all Manage My Practice readers. For more information click here. You can also contact Janet via email at or by phone at (919) 802 1423.

Mary Pat WhaleyVery generously, Janet is discounting Academy classes to all Manage My Practice readers. For more information click here. You can also contact Janet via email at or by phone at (919) 802 1423.

Full Disclosure: “I like Janet’s courses so much that I’ve agreed to promote them through my website, and for this I receive compensation. There are very few companies (only 2 others) that I’ve partnered with in this way because I stand behind anything I personally promote and very few products meet my standards for pricing, quality and customer service.”

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