Manage My Practice + Box =  an unbeatable team! 

Choosing the best way to organize your office can be daunting, but in 2013 you have new options that give you affordability and functionality. Mary Pat Whaley has built her reputation on finding innovative solutions and utilizing the latest technology to improve workflow. As one of today’s leading voices on healthcare organization efficiency, you can be assured that anything we offer is being used by Mary Pat herself.  Manage My Practice is proud to offer a specialized software program in partnership with Boxwhich allows you to stay organized as never before. Along with the unrivaled security of Box, you get the healthcare know-how and expertise of the Manage My Practice Team.

Move your practice forward with Box

Box brings your practice to the cutting edge by taking paper and:

  • uploading it to a private data center through a secure, encrypted process
  • categorizing it to a specification, including folder name, file name and document tags
  • making the ENTIRE document searchable
  • making it available on your desktop or via the web or your mobile device
  • permissioning access to it by user (want two people to have access but not a third? you can do it)
  • make it available to non-employees per your decision (CPA, banker, bookkeeper, consultant)

Move your old medical records off the shelves and into Box

  • While transitioning to EMR, scan any part of the chart that you are not loading into your EMR into Box
  • After transitioning to EMR, scan records you did not load into your EMR into Box
  • If moving from one EMR to another, export the charts you do not want to move to the new EMR to Box
  • If purging patient records off your current EMR to save space or save money, export the charts to Box

Box is the only leading cloud storage provider that is willing to sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with your practice! 


Accounts start at $120 per month for 3 users with unlimited storage and unlimited external users.


Contact us today and start organizing your paper/charts tomorrow.


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