“The One Minute Manager”: Don’t Be Nice, Be Kind

What I Learned From the One MInute Manager

The first time I read Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s “The One Minute Manager”, I was very new to management and was convinced that nothing of importance could be so short and simple. I assumed that to be a successful manager I would have to read lengthy tomes and discover the deep, dark mysteries of leadership buried in those books.

I was wrong.

This very slim, very readable book has been around for over 30 years and is still as relevant today as the day I first read it in the 1980s. I have given and recommended this book to hundreds of aspiring managers over the years and will do so until people stop asking me “What management books should I read?”

I’ve read many management books since “The One Minute Manager” and my personal philosophy can be distilled down to two things:common sense and kindness (not to be confused with being nice.) Bob Sutton writes about this notion in more colorful terms in his book “The No Asshole Rule” which I also highly recommend.

“The One Minute Manager” does not teach you how to handle every situation, but what it does teach you is so fundamental that anyone can learn the one minute technique and apply it to management…and every other aspect of life.

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  1. Jennifer Mcdonald November 20, 2013

    I am going to read the one minute manager. I truly believe when dealing with anyone, such as family, employees and supervisors Kindness is the key. If anyone says anything about me when I’m gone I would love that they remembered I was kind. Many people believe kindness equals weakness, it is a stronger person who can find kindness deep down instead of reacting with a situation in a nasty manner.

    Thank you for your emails, they are occasionally a lifesaver in my profession.

  2. Mary Pat Whaley November 21, 2013

    Hi Jennifer,

    It means a lot to us to hear we’ve helped you!

    Best wishes,

    Mary Pat

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